Spring Cleaning Tips For a Beautiful House

It’Two Teenagers Clearing Garage For Yard Sales that time again to spring clean so that your home looks beautiful and spotless. It needn’t be a dull and routine time. It needn’t be a drag either. The truth is, it is quality time spent doing something useful and satisfying which will benefit you in the long run. It’s sort of like a new beginning and looking at everything with a different perspective.

First thing’s first. Before spring cleaning, gather up all your cleaning utensils together and put them in a convenient location, preferably in the middle of the house or where you can get to them easily. They can be collected and put together in a large pail or if not, they can be placed on a table for the time being. When cleaning, don’t forget the spot that your cleaning utensils are on!

Some other spring cleaning tips are when you have started spring cleaning and are dusting furniture such as tables, cupboards, chairs and shelves make a note to dust from the top of the furniture to the bottom. In this way, you manage to get all the hard-to-reach spots and you avoid dusting the same area twice. Then, all the dust on the floor can be swept away or wiped clean. A simple feather duster will do for dusting or a clean, wet piece of cloth.

Also, when cleaning, leave the cleaning liquid on the dirty or grimy spots of the furniture in the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen for a few minutes before actually starting to clean. This will ensure that your whole house will be cleansed thoroughly because the cleaning liquid would have set and will make for more proper and effective cleaning. This is also to make sure that the ‘trouble spots’ will go away and not leave any stains.

Two other spring cleaning tips are when cleaning the windows of the house; special care must be taken to ensure that you don’t miss a spot. What works best with windows is newspaper. It is especially needed to give the windows that ‘extra shine’. You can use newspapers to clean the windows in your living room, your bedrooms, kitchen and the bathroom too. Then, the other tip is that for bathrooms with shower doors made of glass, use white vinegar when cleaning.

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