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                       Crew Parking Accommodations and Crew Cleaning Supply fees
Parking: “In order to book a cleaning, customers are required to provide parking accommodations for one car per cleaning job. Arranged parking space must be located within a 2 block radius. Parking accommodations can be in the form of free street parking, customers providing street permit slips, personal property parking, spot hero or reimbursement of crew for paid parking prior to crew beginning the cleaning job. Crew will not pay for their parking. One additional hour of parking time in relation to cleaning time must be provided to ensure crew has ample time to pack up and return to car.”
$4 Cleaning Fee: “Customers are responsible to provide cleaning supplies and equipment. Cleaning crew will bring all cleaning supplies and equipment for a $4 fee per job. Fee must be arranged prior to booking cleaning. Customers have the option of paying the $4 fee to crew prior to cleaning.”